Rest Day Thursday, July 10

This weekend is WaterWOD! I am so excited for this event! This will be my first time ever doing a swimming workout.
So here is the deal. We have rented the Oregon Community pool from 4:00-5:00 pm. The pool is 6 lanes and big enough to have two people in a lane. I am thinking we will do one solo WOD and then one team WOD. To get all this in though we are gonna have to run a tight schedule. So be ready to jump right in and get going guys(haha no pun intended!)
Everyone is welcome and invited over to the Bird House after the WOD. We will have sandwiches and nosh food, but we would love if everyone brought something to add to the spread. If you have something that needs to be refrigerated, you can stop by the house before and drop it off. Kief will be there. Again, all Connex athletes are welcome to the BBQ, you do not need to WOD to come over and enjoy some summer spirits. Or even better, come on over to the pool to just cheer on our WaterWODers!
As far as what to bring with you for the WOD, you will likely want some goggles, but they are not necessary. Also be sure to bring a towel and a dry pair of clothes as well. Please also remember to bring 5 dollars with you to help cover the cost of the pool rental.

IMPORTANT: Sense we will be WODing at 4:00 we will not be having an 11:00 team WOD that day. We will however be open for open gym on sunday from 11:00-1:00!

Lots of fun stuff going on at Connex- be sure to save the date for these two exciting events as well:
PiYo Stand Up Paddle Board on Thursday, July 17
Float Trip (Take 2) Saturday, July 26


Rest Day!