WOD Tuesday, July 1

Ok- Get excited Connex!  Our float trip is this Saturday!  So here is the deal on the bus. I was able to get a 24 person bus reserved. We currently have 24 people joining for the bus ride, which means it will be snug!  The bus will pick us up at the box at 10:00 am.
Here are a couple of things you guys need to bring with you for the float trip
– Small coolor of drinks (NO GLASS BOTTLES)- we have completely filled up the bus so coolers may be on laps! So pack wisely!
– Either eat a great breakfast or bring food with you! This is a long day and you will want food in your belly!!!
– Money for the bus and for your float trip. (Cash Only for all below)
* Bus- 25$ per person- needs to be paid for before you get on the bus
* Tubing- 13$
* Cooler Tube- 5$
– The bus will bring us back to Connex after our day of floating.

also: if you were planning on coming tubing but did not want to do take the bus, or the bus was already full once you realized you could join for this awesome day of floating, here is information for where we will be going. The bus will likely arrive to the floating spot at around 11:00.

S and B Tubing
100 East Main Street
Albany, WI 53502

Get excited guys! This was one of the highlights of summer last year!

4th of July Schedule
Friday, July 4th- Hero WOD at 9:00 am
Saturday, July 5- Gym Closed for the FLOAT TRIP!!! Bus pick up at 10:00 am
Sunday, July 6- Gym Closed- Enjoy the last day of your Holiday and recover from floating!


2 min strict pull ups
15 min to find 1 rep max squat clean
**make sure to write these two scores down in your notebook!!! You will need them later on.

15 min AMRAP
2 min on, 1 min off
5 Burpees
5 front squats (95/65)
* continue each cycle where you finished. Count total reps