WOD Saturday, June 21

Hey Guys- so Connex is going to be hosting a CrossFit 5k here at the box in October! It will be a 5K race but with a CrossFit twist. But to pull this off I am going to need some help!  If you have any interest in being on the 5k comitte we are going to be meeting on Monday, July 7 @ 7:30 here at the box. We will discuss the event in detail then and talk about how we can put this in the books as smoothly as possible, and how to pull off one of the best 5Ks here in Madison.  As far as planning here is what we will need to figure out.
– Collecting permit information- I would like to get the streets closed off around the box that day, and there are many steps to collecting the correct permits for this- I am already working on this, but have a long way to go)
– Advertising- how are we going to get the word out to neighboring CF gyms? Logo design, flyers, FB ads and what not.
– Working WOD stations, placement of WOD stations
– Organizing Volunteers- registration, water stations, WOD stations, timing of racers
– Sponsors- seeing if we could possibly get some sponsors
– t shirt design

I am really excited about this event and can not wait to really get the ball rolling on this. If you have any questions please email crossfitconnexwi@gmail.com.
Thank you in advance to everyone for helping make the first Connex community event a total success!


WOD- Team WOD!