WOD Wednesday, April 2

So we have succesfully finished the 2014 CrossFit Open!  Here are some impressive stats from the final standings.
– CrossFit Connex finished as the top box in Madison and was 85 out of 330 box teams in the North Central Region.

Not only did we kill it as a gym, but we had many athletes finish in the top percent of each division. Here are just some of the individual stats
– Mehmet and Ellyn both finished in the top 25%
– Alec finished top 20% of men in our region
– Buth finished in the top 10% of women in our region
– Connor finished in an impressive 178th place in the North Central region, which is about top 5%!
– Jodie and Maria both dominated the ladies 40-44 age group with Jodie placing 32 and Maria in 55 out of 311 women.
– Erik Monson represented Connex in the mens 40-44 age group and made his mark finishing the Open in 24 place out of 554 men.

This Open also marks the first time that CrossFit Connex has had an athlete qualify for regionals. Emily finished 27 in our region and 332 world wide.

No matter where you finished this year in the Open everyone should be so proud of what they accomplished these last five weeks! You all stepped out of your comfort zone and put your game faces on for all five WODs! What we don’t see in these stats is Olivia’s first chest to bar pull up. Jess, Liz, Will, and Logan’s PR on DL. Alison and Justin’s PR on OHS, Miranda’s first pull up. All these PRs and accomplishments are what the open is truly about! The open is a great way to measure your improvement and celebrate your growth and success as an athlete! Way to go Connex. Lets start training for 2015!