WOD Saturday, March 8


Today is Dr. Schupp’s mobility seminar. The seminar will be focused on keeping our shoulders strong and healthy! I highly suggest everyone to be in attendance at this event. Those of you who have a history of shoulder issues, or those of you who are lucky enough to have skipped out on shoulder pains, all have something to benefit from attending this seminar. Taking care of our shoulders will not only keep you healthy and able to continue training, but it will also help you reach positions used in CF with ease and comfort. All in all- attending this seminar will help to make you and keep you a stronger CFer!  I hope to see you all there on Saturday!!!
This means there will be no 10:00 intro class today. If you would like to come in and lift from 9:00-10:00 you can, however, all lifting will come to a close once the seminar begins.  Again, I can not stress enough the importance of attending this seminar.


14.2 is in the books!  Not only did the evening of WODs go incredibly smoothly, but I can not tell you how many new PRs were set!  That PR bell was on full blast all evening!!! It was so exciting to watch first pull ups, first C2B pull ups, 1 rep max OHS all happen multiple times!  Way to beast mode Connex!  Two weeks of the OPEN down, three more to go!!! Keep bring it Connex.