WOD Monday, March 10

Congrats Bryan W!!!!


A GIANT congrats to Bryan W. who is our newest level 1 CrossFit Certified trainer!  We feel so fortunate to have another stellar athlete take the next step in learning as much about the sport as possible and to become the best CFer they can be become!  Bryan is not only an incredible athlete, but he is also an influential member in this community.  He embodies what being a Connex athlete means, demonstrating his own desire to push his limits and accept challenges, while still encouraging and supporting others through their journey of progress.  Be sure to congratulate him when you see him!  And lets keep our fingers crossed that he is wanting to coach at 5:00 am! 🙂


It is finally here, the weather is starting to give us some hope of warmer days!!  This means that you might start seeing some running workouts pop up in the programming!  Please be sure to check the blog WODs so can dress appropriately!  I know that we do not normally post Saturday’s workouts, so be sure to always just be ready for a possible run on those days!   Hooray for spring!


100 DUs
50 Front squats
25 push ups
100 DUs
50 Wall Balls
25 sit ups
100 Double Unders
50 Bar Hop Burpees
25 thrusters