Rest Day Thursday, March 6

“This is not a gym, it’s a family. I could’ve never predicted how fast my fitness would take off in this environment, and how much the positivity and encouragement of fellow Connex athletes would drive that. I came to gain mental strength as much as physical. As a triathlete I’ve struggled to maintain motivation off-season in brutal Wisconsin winters. No more- now I am eager to get to every workout, where I know I’ll be pushed to constantly test my limits and blast through them.
Coaches Kief and Em are extremely knowledgeable, inspiring teachers and great listeners, and completely dedicated to helping everyone regardless of their level. Put simply, I couldn’t be happier that I found Connex.” – Jess O.

Jess- thank you so much for taking the time to write this awesome testimonial.  It has been incredible to watch your transformation from an endurance athletes to strong, ass kicking, weightlifting, full throttle CrossFitter! Connex is so fortunate to have you part of this family!  Your dedication and commitment are felt, respected, and appreciated by all of us!


Rest Day/ Active Rest (PiYo)/ OLY class


Be sure to tune in and watch CrossFit OPEN announcement 14.2!