WOD Tuesday, February 10

Drum roll please!!!!!!

So here are the results!  we had 11 teams fully complete the paleo challenge.  This was by far our most succesful challenge yet and you guys should all be so proud of the hard work you put into this challenge.

Here are the group states for body measurements from our 11 teams:
…lost 19 inches around the belly button (0.9 per person)
…lost 18 inches around the glutes (0.9 per person)
…lost 80 pounds (3.6 per person)

Not only where the measurements impressive, but the WOD results were through the roof! You all crushed the second WOD!
…increased WOD #1 — C&J — reps by 99 (5 per person)
…increased WOD #2 — PULL UPS — reps by 183 (9 per person)
…increased WOD #3 — BURPEES — reps by 79 (3 per person)
…increased WOD #4 — F SQUATS — reps by 77 (3 per person)
…increased WOD #5 — DUs — reps by 198 (9 per person)
…increased total reps by 636 (29 per person) across the 5 WODs

As far as individual results and team winners!
The team that won for most improved WOD performance was team Monsons! They came in strong with a total increase of 113 reps. Erik & Mandy basically improved to ~150% of where they were before the challenge; that is like lifting 100 pounds one day, and then 150 pounds a month later!

The team that won for the most inches lost was Tracey and April! Together they lost a total of 7 inches off their waist and hips! Way crush it ladies!!!

Congrats to all of our challengers. You guys should all be very proud of your accomplishments and progress over these last four weeks. Shirts have been ordered so I will be sure to let you guys know once they are in.

We also owe a couple of folks a huge thank you!  A big thank you to Mehmet for crunching all these numbers for us and gathering up these stats and results!  If it had been left up to me, we would have maybe had a winner by next year!  So thank you so much Mehmet!  Another big thank you to Olivia for helping organize and run the challenge.  Your creativity made the handout and FB lively, and your organization made the check in and checkout process a breeze!  Thank you so much!  And thank you to Libby for thinking of such an awesome t shirt design.  I love that we have a Connex original paleo t shirt!

Those of you who are continuing paleo continue to keep posting on the Connex goes paleo page!  Sharing recipes and other fun stuff is a great way to stay focused on your dietary goals!


Front Squat
60% X 2
70% x 2
80% x 2
85% 4×2

Death by thruster (95/65)