WOD Saturday, February 8


Talk about proud coaching moment!  During Thursdays olympic lifting class we ran out of ladies bars.  Why would this make us proud?  Because it means that Connex is composed of a community of women who are fearless!  Fearless about getting under heavy weights, fearless when it comes to  challenging them selves physically, and fearless of getting strong.  Connex has a community of women who are eager to to get stronger, who have embraced  debunking the myth that women who lift are not feminine or that weightlifting is for men.  Our women here at Connex, show day in and day out, that they are proud of their strength and hungry to keep making strength gains.  Libby nailed it when she said in her testimonial, it is not about the weight on the scale, but instead the weight on the bar.  Keep up all the hard work ladies!  Lets keep getting stronger and keep running out of ladies bars!


WOD- Team WOD Saturday!

Don’t forget- if you are planning on competing in the open, please plan on sticking around after your WOD for a brief meeting.  It will be quick, but important to have you all there.