WOD Friday, February 7

Today is a super exciting day! Not only is it a happy hour WOD Friday, but it is also the final day of our Paleo Challenge. This group of paleo participants has been the most focused and driven group we have had participate in a challenge so far here at Connex. It was amazing to see their progress every time they stepped into the gym. They used their WODs as an opportunity to become better athletes and really embraced the paleo lifestyle. Sharing recipes, being active on the Connex goes paleo FB page, and brining in goodies to the box where just some of the ways they supported one another throughout these four weeks. We can’t wait to see all the gained reps in your WODs, as well as the lost inches in your measurements. We could not be more proud or impressed with all of you!

Caveman Happy Hour WOD @ 6:00- festivities to be continued downtown.  Bar is yet to be determined so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Post Paleo Challenge WOD!
5 min AMRAP- Clean and Jerk
4 min AMRAP- pull ups
3 min AMRAP- Burpees
2 min AMRAP- Front Squats
1 min AMRAP- DUs