WOD Friday, January 31

Event Reminder: Happy Hour WOD
Friday, February 7th
Theme: Caveman
In celebration of a totally successful paleo challenge, this months happy hour WOD will be caveman themed. We will be doing the post Paleo challenge WOD so be sure to plan ahead and be in a WODable costume. Also, a message to our challengers, there will be a lot of you, so if you could come early to get measured and photos done before you WOD, that would great.  We will have this as the programed WOD that day so teams are welcome to come and WOD during an earlier class and then come back to the gym for the real festivities!
If you are on the newer side to Connex, and have not participated in a Happy Hour WOD just yet, you are in for a treat.  Many will say that these are the highlight of the month. We try to do one happy hour WOD every month.  Each has a theme and you must come dressed as that theme.  We WOD at 6:00 in costume and then go out right after the WOD.  You are gonna have to get creative on this and find your best caveman attire.


5 rounds
10 box jumps
5 OHS (135/95)
10 burpees

rest 2 min

4 rounds
10 box jumps
10 Burpees

rest 2 min

Continue this down, 3 rounds, 2 rounds, 1 round, alwways resting for 1 minutes