WOD Friday, January 10


Winter Weather Policy

Sorry team this is a little late into the season, but it is still important for you guys to know.  As far as our Winter Weather Policy, Connex will be closed if the Oregon School District closes.   When winter storms  are present be sure to still double check the blog/facebook for updates.  We will not always follow along with the district closings, but if you wanted another source to watch, that would be a good one.   Checking the blog/facebook before coming in definitly applies to the 5:00 am and 6:00 am group sense many schools wait till 6:00 am to announce closers.  This leaves us to make a call before anything is announced through the districts.


Indoor Cycling at Connex

Heads up to all of our cyclists.  We are going to be moving indoor cycling to Tuesdays!  In effort to maintain the already scheduled CrossFit classes we decided that attempting to run three class at one hour might be a little much.  I hope to see all of our riders at Connex on Tuesday, January 14 @ 6:30.  Be sure to remember your trainer and skewers.


Saturday, January 11 (tomorrow) begins our Paleo challenge.  We will begin the challenge by completing the pre challenge team WOD during the 11:00 am class.  Hopefully if you can not make it on Saturday, you have figured another time with your teammate to come in and complete the WOD.  We will also be taking measurements and before and after pics during this time.  After the WOD we will have our challenge kick off meeting where we will discuss the rules and workings of the four week challenge.  Monday, January 13 marks the official start date of our Paleo Challenge.  Get excited to kick off 2014 on a healthy foot!



1000 meter row
50 pistols (25 each leg)
50 hang cleans (135/95)