WOD Wednesday, December 4


The haters.
I am sure we have all run into CrossFit haters. The hater in your life could be a parent, a spouse, or friend. Whoever it is, we all have one, or maybe even many. As a CF owner and coach I run into haters all the time and they infuriate me. Their ignorance and close mindedness to something as powerful and life changing as CF puts me beyond words. But, what I have learned over the years is that we must ignore these haters. Continue to do what we love, continue to do what we know is making us more healthy then we have ever been before, and in the end we will come out stronger, fitter, and faster then all those haters. Every time you step into Connex your workout is not about them, or what they think about CF, it is about you, knowing that what you are about to do is going to make you stronger physically and mentally.  No matter what you say those haters will always hate.  They will never understand how rewarding  a CF WOD can be and how amazing it is to be part of a community that celebrates your triumphs and helps lifts you when you are down.  They will never understand or appreciate what it is like to experience daily growth, to continue to blow past your goals, and to know that your potential is endless.
Ignore the haters, believe in yourself, and know that every day that you are part of Connex, and every day that you are CFer, is making stronger within!


Death By: alternating one arm DB snatch
For those of you who have not done a Death By this is how it works.
Minute 1- 1 right arm snatch, 1 left arm snatch
Minute 2- 1 right arm snatch, 1 left arm snatch, 1 right arm snatch, 1 left arm snatch
Minute 3- 1 RAS, 1 LAS, 1 RAS, 1 LAS, 1 RAS, 1 LAS
this pattern will continue until you can no longer get the required work completed within the given minute.
You score will be total reps completed.