WOD Wednesday, December 18


Are you looking for some motivation to dial your diet back in?  Well, we got some good news for ya!  Our next Connex Paleo Challenge is on the calendar.  Here are the dates and some important info on how this challenge will go.

Kick off meeting- Saturday, January 11 – During this meeting  we will discuss how the paleo diet works, how this challenge will be run, and take care of all the pre challenge requirements.  The WOD for this challenge will be taken care of during the 11:00 WOD time that day.
Start Date- Monday, January 13– this is when the challenge will officially begin
End Date- Friday, February 7– hooray time to celebrate all of your success.
February 7th is extra important because it will also marks the date of our next Happy Hour WOD! The theme will be caveman!

A couple of things to know about this challenge:
1. There will be a 25 dollar buy in
2. You will participate in this challenge in teams of 2. If you are not able to make it to the WOD or meeting on Saturday then you and your partner will need to find another time to complete your Pre WOD.  There will also be a sing up sheet in the gym so we know teams or athletes who are looking for a partner.
3. There will be two winning teams. Winners will be determined by improvement on WOD and inches lost.
4. Cheats will be penalized with an exercise gift for both partners (both partners must complete the penalty)
week 1- 50 pull ups
week 2- 60 burpees
week 3- 2 k row
week 4- 75 atomic sit ups
5. We welcome vegetarians to our Paleo challenge- they will have their own dietary rules during the 4 week period.
6. Teams that go all four weeks with no cheats will be rewarded with a free Paleo t shirt! I promise you will want one! 🙂

If you have any questions about the Paleo challenge please feel free to email us at crossfitconnexwi@gmail.com!
We are excited about this challenge and know it will be a wonderful way to start 2014!!!


3 rounds
1 minute row for cals
1 minute thrusters (95/65)

rest 3 min

3 rounds
1 minute thrusters
1 minute row for cals