WOD Saturday, December 21


Our friend and CF Farmland owner, Kory Ryan, is also a farmer of grass fed beef.  The ground beef comes from his 100% grass fed Black Angus heifer herd (they are less than 3 yrs of age).  The ground beef is 15% fat, very high quality, and quite tasty.  Especially for CrossFitters, a good fat content is crucial.  If you are planning on participating in the Paleo Challenge next month, getting enough real meat is dietary-helpful so it is good timing for you.


He sells his beef  in 2lb packages. In each package is two separate one lb packages. Per pound  the price is only $5.50lb. They are all double wrapped and labeled.   No order is too small and he does have plenty right now if anyone has a bigger order in mind.   Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing some of this high quality cut meet.  He can deliver the meet right to the box for those that are interested in purchasing.  Please email us or just let us know next time you are at the box so we can start putting together a pre-order list.


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