WOD Monday, December 23


“I just celebrated my 5 month Connex anniversary, and I am so proud to look at how far I’ve come. When I started, I was very focused on loss: I just wanted to lose weight. Now I realize that it’s really more about gain. In addition to gaining muscle and strength, I’ve gained friends, a healthier lifestyle, body confidence, better sleep, more energy, a never-give-up/one-more-rep attitude, and above all else, an amazing community. For the first time in my life, I care more about the lbs on my barbell than the lbs on my scale. As someone who has struggled with a healthy attitude towards weight, this is truly priceless to me. I can’t speak highly enough about how much Connex has changed my life!” – Libby D.

Thank you so much Libby for sharing this with us. Reading this made me tear up as I know myself and many other ladies can relate to how CF changes how we view our bodies. You are exactly right when you say that it is not about the LBs on the scale, but instead the LBs on the bar! It is about what we CAN do, not how we look! You are such an important part of this community of strong ass confidant women! Thank you so much for all that you bring to Connex!


row for cals
push press (95/65)
front squat (96/65)