WOD Monday, Dec 2

TisTheSeason copy
Thanksgiving is behind us which means the holiday season has officially begun.  This also means our lives are about to get crazy packed with parties, cocktail hours, treats galore, family gatherings, and so much more.  This also means that with all of the craziness that the holidays bring, it can get hard to find the time to fit in your workouts.  We can often loose sight of our fitness goals  as we celebrate the holidays.
We encourage all of you to continue to find the time to put your fitness and goals first throughout the next four weeks. Don’t just use the New Year as your time to get back at it. Stay at it this season, and you will begin your New Year feeling strong and confident.

Here are a couple of tips for staying motivated during this busy time of year.
1. Scheudle your training. The same way you put your parties and other events in your calendar, put your workouts in your planner. This way you are sure to have the time when things get busy. Rather than leaving your schedule up to chance, be proactive and set aside dedicated time to get to the box.
2. Get up early and get ur done! Few of us have conflicts at 5:00 am or 6:00 am. So set that alarm and get your workout in early.
3. Find a buddy. If you know you struggle with the am wake up calls, find a buddy to help hold you accountable. If you know you have told a friend that you are going to be there with them for those early morning classes, then you are much more likely to get out of bed and get to box.
4. Lets be real. Be realistic for what you plan to get accomplished for your training during this holiday season. Set goals for yourself this holiday season that will push you, keep you committed, and also set you up for continued success. That way you are staying on track and not having to be disappointed with yourself for not achieving the standards you had set for yourself.
5. Body Weight is where its at! If you don’t have time to make it to Connex you can always use the hotel WOD.

Make this new years about continued success. Not about starting new!



12 min AMRAP
5 Clean and Jerks (155/105)
10 Chest to bar pull ups