WOD Friday, December 27

We are running our normal class schedule today! 5:00 am, 6:00 am, 12:00, 4:00,5:00 and 6:00 pm!

ATTENTION: The parking lot is very slick, especially the front door entrance.
Please use the back side door until we get some of the ice broken up. And no matter where you are in the parking lot, walk with caution! Coach Yates bit it HARD this morning. But no worries, she did not spill any of her coffee. Unknown and unknowable.

Ok so there has been lots of chatter about getting a competition in this January or February.  I have been keeping my eye on a couple but I wanted to put some more options out there for those of you who are looking to get a competition in before The Open.

So the two that I have been looking into are:
1. The Badger State Games– January 25
there is still no info about times, standards, or divisions which is all a little worrysom this close to game day. The badger state games is kinda the Olympics of WI, and this will be their first year including CrossFit into their events, that is pretty cool.
2. The Greenbay CrossFit Ice Bowl– February 23
Registration is still not open. However they have announced two of their WODs so you can get an idea of what they are looking for in each division. This is a box that has many strong athletes so the level of competition will likely be very good.

Here are some other strong options.
3. Battle of the Ball and Chain– January 25
this is a team competition in Kenosha. They are looking for teams of 1 male and 1 female. If you go to the garage games website the standards of very clearly described for both RX and Scaled division.
4. The Galt Games– February 15-16
This Comp is in Chicago and is offering individual and team divisions (2 men, 2 women). They also have the standards of the comp very clearly stated on the website given above.
5. Battle in the Bluffs– Feb 21-23
This comp is in Omaha so it will be a little bit of a trip, but from what I can see, it will be a pretty legit comp.

So that is what we got on the table right now. Lets try and get some folks together for one or two of these comps. Competing is a great way to help focus your training and to test all of your hard work. Newbie or novice we can all benefit from competing.


30 Snatches (135/95)

Post WOD
20 min OMEM
ODD- Row for Cal
EVEN- 15 Wall Ball