Rest Day Thursday, December 12


Tomorrow is Happy Hour WOD day!  The best day of the month!  Here is what we got going on.  We are going to be running this happy hour WOD a little differently then in months past.  Normally Happy Hour WOD has a different WOD then the programed blog WOD for that day, however we will be doing the 12 days of Christmas WOD all day on Friday.  Because this WOD is such a hefty WOD, we will be running heats throughout the afternoon/evening (morning classes are as scheduled).  Heats will begin at 4:00 and run every 30 minutes between 4:00-6:30.  Athletes will come in and warm up on their own.  Your heat time is the time you will begin your WOD, so be ready for 3…2…1…go at that time.   If you are an early evening WODer please feel free to stick around the box, cheer others on, and begin your Happy Hour WOD festivities.   The WOD heat sign up is on the right hand side of the white wash board. If you are a morning WODer please feel free to come back in the evening for the festivities or even for WOD round 2, perhaps as a team.


We are really looking forward to celebrating the holidays with all of you!


Rest Day/Active Rest

Hey guys- also our OLY class is getting so popular that we can no longer offer open gym during that time.  This means that open gym is from 4:00-5:30.  OLY class is at 5:30 and PiYo is at 6:30.  Happy Recovery Day!