Rest Day Sunday, Dec 8


Rest Day!  Enjoy!

Open Gym from 9:00-12:00 today!

Yesterday we had a coaches meeting after the team WOD.  And Connex you all have so much to look forward to.  Not only do you have an amazing group of Coaches who are excited and eager to make Connex a stronger community through and through, but we also have a ton of exciting events on the calendar to start to look forward to.  Just to list a few, battle of the sexes, January Paleo Challenge, New Years Eve Connex party, Cocktails at Connex: Ladies night, Bring a friend week, and so much more.  Also January will kick off some great additions to the weekly schedule including more CF Classes, additional OLY classes, and spinning.  Stay tuned to the blog with more details on all of the above!

Thank you coaches for all of your time and dedication!  Connex is so blessed to have such an incredibly supportive, talented,