Gift Ideas


Here are some great Christmas gift ideas for the CrossFitter in your life.  I have provided links into the post of many of the brands that I have fallen in love with over the years, but there are so many out there.  Please comment below if you have any suggestions of other  brands or gift ideas  that might top the gift list of a CFer!

1.  CrossFit Apperal-  I dont think a CFer can ever have enough gear to wear during  WODs.  There are a ton of websites that have fun, useful, and creative apparel for men and women.  Here are some of the sites that top my list for gear. Frans ClosetLife as RXReebok.

2. CrossFit Shoes- The ones that I find are a must have are my Reebok Lifters and my Reebok nanos. Both are awesome and both get used daily in my training. You can use the above Reebok link to learn more about the Reebok CF shoes. People also really like inov8s for their training shoe and they also now offer weight lifting shoes.

3. Lifting accessories- we are talking such things as wrist wraps, belts and knee sleeves.  There are tons of different styles and brands of wrist wraps.  I persoanlly love my CrossFit Connex tie up writst wraps from Frans Closet.  Many sites are now offering the tie up style in fun color and prints.  If you prefer the non-tie type you can purchase those at Dicks or order them from companies like rogue and again faster.  For knee sleeves I love my Rehbands.    I also have a weight belt that I use on the regular, but to be honest I just picked it because it was pink.

4.  Jump Ropes-  If you don’t have your own rope already then this should definitely be on your Christmas list.  Many places sell speed ropes.  You can buy them through rogue, again faster, amazon.  I am currently using a Cyclone Speed rope and I have to say I think its pretty bad ass.  Cyclone allows you to pick your own colors and put a name plate on it!  It does not take much to sell me.

5.  Mobility tools- every CFer should have their own mobility kit at home.  Foam roller, lacrosse balls and other torture devices should be kept near by at all times.  Again faster has a great variety of mobility tools on their site.

6.  Suplments- It is important to be getting in some nutrition  post workout that will help you recover so that you can hit your WOD hard again tomorrow.  There are some great brands out there, and many that are popular in the CF world.  I take Advocare and have found great results through their products.  Many other CFers use brands such as progenex and stronger faster healthier as well.

7.  Gift Certificates for message or chiropractic work.  Monthly sessions at either can help prevent injury and keep you on track in your training.

8.  CrossFit Resources- There are tons of informative recourses out there about lifting, mobility, CF endurance, the paleo diet.  If you are looking for some good winter reading put some of the top CF books on your christmas list.

Happy Shopping! 🙂


20 min OMEM
ODD- Row 250 meters
EVEN- 12 med ball cleans