WOD Wednesday, November 13

Ok Connex- it is apparel time!
You guys all know the deal on how to pay. But a quick reminder does not hurt. Please bring your money in an envelope. On the front of the envelope should be your name, what you are ordering and size. We will not accept orders that are without a secured envelope.

This is what we got coming this time around.
Junk Head Bands- (Infinite style and tie)- $22.00
Board Shorts- $50.00
This is my CrossFit Shirt t shirts- $20.00
Hoodie- $45.00

Please have orders to us no later then Tuesday, November 26!

T shirt- Same American Appreal Ts that we have ordered in the past.


Shorts- Will be ordered from Wet Effect- They are the cross training shorts


Head band- Junk head bands- we will be ordering both the tie kind and the infinite bands.


Hoodies- Sorry no picture yet for these.  They will not be the same zip up kind we have ordered in the past.  They will be normal hoodies.


Here is the poster with more info about Saturdays Party!  If you would like to be included on the Facebook event updates please friend Olivia Beran  and she will include you on the event page!


Congrats Rob on getting your first muscle up!

12 min AMRAP
500 meter row
3 squat cleans (115/75)
6 push press
9 front rack lunges