WOD Tuesday, November 19


Below are the super creative and hilarious CrossFit Connex vows that were lead by our very own Olivia B. and AJ on Saturday evening.

We are gathered here, one week after the blessed and very Jewish union of Emily and Kief, to officially join these two as the first Connex-married couple. We have prepared some CrossFit-specific vows, that although sincere, may not have been appreciated by Mr. Yates and the rest of the Chicago black-tie crows last weekend.
Kief, repeat after me:
I promise…
…to help you strengthen your snatch.
…to thrust your snatch.
…and to AMRAP your snatch.
Emily, repeat after me:
I promise…
…to let you coach my snatch.
…to PR your BJs every day.
…and to clean your jerk.
By the power bestowed in us by these very, very drunk people, I now pronounce you CrossFit Connex husband and wife. Kief, you may kiss your bride.


A couple of things as far as class schedule today. The 5:30 OLY class will be a normal CF class today.  We will be back to OLY on Thursday once Kief and Em are back in town.

Also: Connex athletes, I (April) am so sorry for messing up the morning classes on Monday. I will be at the box Tuesday morning @ both 5:00 and 6:00 am for those of you who would like to make up today’s morning WOD. And for those of you who would like to give me a piece if your mind. I am so sorry for the mess up!