WOD Monday, December 25


1.  Tomorrow is the final day to bring in money for your clothing order.  Don’t me that person who asks when the next order will be once the gear gets here!

2.  It is that time of the year, snow and salt are taking over the roads.  Please be sure to bring a pair of dry shoes with you to WOD in.  Lets do our best to keep snow and salt off the rubber mats.  Thanks!

3.  Save the Date:  Save the date: Doctor Schupp of Schupp Chiropractic and Sports Injuries will be visiting the box the evening of Wednesday, Dec 11. This is a great opportunity to have those nagging aches and pains worked on by a extremely knowledgeable and talented Dr.! He has worked with many Connex athletes who all have raving reviews about him.
The sign up sheet will be on the lower right hand corner of the white wash board.

4.  Reminder:  there is a change of schedule for Thanksgiving.  The 6:30 class on Wednesday is cancelled.  We will be closed on Thursday this week.  Friday we will have one class at 9:00 am.  Regular schedule for Saturday.

5.  If you are planning on coming over to the Bird House for Thanksgiving be sure to let us know!  We would love to have you guys.  Last year turned into a great party!

6.  Save the Date:  Happy Hour WOD on Friday Dec 13!  Holiday theme!  Be sure to dress festively and if you would like to participate in the white elephant gift exchange come with a gift that is 15$ or less.  Our white elephant gift exchange will have a CF twist to it! 🙂

7.  If you are dropping into a box while at home for the holiday be sure to email them first and give them a heads up.  Let them know who you are, where you CF, and how long.  And then go there and show them how we do it at Connex!
4 rounds
24 Box Jumps (30/24)
24 KBS
24 Back Squats (135/95)