WOD Friday, November 22


Thanksgiving is almost here and I know that you all know that you are invited and encouraged to join the Birds for turkey day.  But what I forgot to tell you was the most important part of attending  our place  for Thanksgiving.  Comfortable clothes (i.e. elastic waist bands) are a MUST! Come comfy!  If our house is your second or third stop in your tour de Thanksgiving, be sure to bring your sweats with you!
We can’t wait to celebrate with you guys and put another awesome Thanksgiving in the books.


SAVE THE DATE:  Friday, Dec 13 Happy Hour WOD!
We will be celebrating the holidays for the this happy hour wod. Sense the theme is “the holidays” be sure to start collecting the most festive holiday attire you can get your hands on. We will also be doing a white elephant gift exchange that evening so start brainstorming some hilariously creative gifts for this exchange. Please keep gifts under 15 dollars.

1011 meter row
111 double unders
2 rounds of
27 med ball cleans
27 jumping lunge
27 push ups
27 OHS (95/65)

happy birthday Alyse 😉