Rest Day Thursday, November 13


Rest Day/Make Up WOD/Active Rest (PiYo @ 6:30)


1) YES- there will be a WOD at 11:00 on saturday.  I meant there will NOT be a WOD at the party Saturday evening!

2)  ALSO- Starting tomorrow, we are making a  schedule change to Thursday evenings.  We are going to be moving Olympic Lifting to 5:30 pm and PiYo to 6:30 pm.  This means that open gym is now from 4:00-6:30.  However, if you come to open gym during OLY class please recognize that Olympic Lifting class does have priority to equipment during that hour.  We hope that this schedule change helps our OLY class participants attend two sessions  a week, as well as encourage all of our lifters and athletes to use their rest day to get some stretching in during PiYo.