WOD Saturday, October 12


Almost exactly a year ago I was racing Ironman WI.  When I finished Ironman many people often remarked how I must be in the best shape of my life.  I was an Ironman, how do you get more fit then that?  There was a part of me that agreed with this statement when I looked down at myself and saw my body being the leanest and skinniest I had ever been or could have even imagined.

Over the course of the following year I changed my focus from long effort endurance to short effort CrossFit.  After this past year of hitting the weights hard, shortening my endurance efforts, and simply spending significantly more time at the box, there is no doubt that my body has changed.  I look at myself after this past year, 20 lbs heavier then the year past, waistline at least 3 inches bigger, and owner of a pile of jeans that no longer fit me, and it would be easy to say that I am no longer fit.  But instead I proudly think to myself… “Now this is the fittest I have ever been!”  I may not be able to currently run 26 miles, or bike 112, or swim 2., but to me fitness is being able to do a lot of things physically.  Not just one.  I look at what I did at the GGs and I think i am no longer just able to go long and far, but I am strong, fit and fast and to me that is fitness.  No matter what was thrown at me I could handle the challenge.  Wether it be heavy, light, short, or long, I fought my way through every WOD.

I guess why I am writing this is not to talk about how my body has changed but instead to show how your body can do so much more then your realize.  If you work at it, train it, and stay committed your body will be able to respond and adapt to become the athlete that you want to be.  I never thought I belonged in the endurance world, but I worked at it and soon become a relatively solid triathlete.  After becoming an Ironman and loosing so much of my physical strength I though there would never be any way that I could compete or hold my own in a CF comp.  But, again I worked at, stayed committed to my training and found myself being able to hang with some bad ass females this past weekend.  What I have learned  through the journey of Ironman to CrossFitter, is never put yourself in  a box of what you think you can and can not do.  Do not allow your own perceptions of self to hold you back from accomplishing your ultimate goal.  Just because you were an endurance athlete does not mean you cant lift and get strong, or if you have always been more into the strength aspect of fitness, that does not mean you cant achieve your endurance goals.  And what is even better is that if you are a CFer you already know this.  you have likely achieved things at Connex that you never thought imaginable.  Keep dreaming big, keep working hard, keep setting goals, and never tell yourself that you can’t!


Today is Ryan M’s last WOD here at Connex before he moves to Canada.  It is also Game Day Happy Hour WOD so be sure to wear your Badger gear!  We are so sad to have to say goodbye to another stellar athlete.

(Optionl: Bring your own six pack for the WOD)

WOD- Happy Hour Team WOD – TBA
and the votes have been tallied and it looks like Big 10 is the winner. If some of you are worried about driving down there some folks were suggesting taking cabs over to the bar!  this is a great idea!