WOD Monday, October 28


We are all familiar with such motivation phrases as

—-“failure is not an option.”

—“stop saying I wish and start saying I will.”

— “believe in yourself and you are half way there.”

but do we really believe in these sayings?  Do we  take them to heart before or during our workouts?  The mind is a powerful tool, and the more we exercise it, the more we teach it to believe in ourselves the better our bodies performance will be in return.

This weekend I WODed with the 11:00 class.  It was decided that if you did not reach your DU goal within the 6 min time frame, each athlete would have to do to 5 x 200s.  After being told I needed to get 400 DUs within the 6 minutes I immediately started plotting my plan for my 5 x 200s.  It took me quite some time to realize that instead of planning on how I would reach my 400 DU goal, I started to plan my strategy on how I would complete my 5x200s.  Can I just run 1 mile + 1 200?  Can I do them on the road out front so I don’t have to deal with the trucks in the parking lot?  Can I run 2x400s and 1×200.  All of these useless thoughts were going through my head, instead of the most important one….”You can do this Emily.”   I have to admit I was shocked at the negative approach that my mind automatically took toward this challenge.  And as a result, did I get 400 DUs in 6 minutes….NO!  I fell 10 reps short.  And as I look back I strongly believe that this was because I had defeated myself before I even began.

So it leaves me wondering how many of us do this?  How many of us defeat ourselves before we even begin our workouts.  This could be in choosing your bar weight, picking a pull up band, or going for a new 1 rep max.  Do you allow your mind to tell you “NO” before you even attempt something.  Being only 10 reps away….i could have done that.  10 reps short = a little less rest, a little faster turnover.  But sense I thought myself defeated there was no way I was going to succeed.  Do not let your mind be the element that holds you back from achieving your goal.  You all work to hard to let something so silly tell you you CANT.  When you step into Connex be the first person to tell yourself you can!  There is nothing more powerful then the belief in yourself.


15 min to establish 1 rep max squat clean

2 rounds
Every :30 seconds for 3 minutes
1 squat clean (70-75% 1 rep max)
rest 3 min


5 rounds
5 push press (95/65)
15 box jumps