WOD Friday, October 25

Pure determination!  Mehmet, way to fight for that PR!
Pure determination! Mehmet, way to fight for that PR!

Why I Love CrossFit Connex– Mehmet B.
…I am surrounded by a community of dedicated athletes.
…I learn from amazing coaches who care so much about their athletes, I sometimes feel related to them.
…I have more confidence. Mostly from knowing that I can clean more than my body weight.
…I can do pull ups. Before Connex, I could not do any.
…I have improved cholesterol levels.
…I walk taller, jump higher, run faster, feel better.
…I have more testicular fortitude (thank you, Coach Kief).
…I learned to suck it up when it comes to doing things I do not love, like running (thank you, Coach Em).

There are many, many, many more reasons.

I am always reminded of how lucky I am to have found Connex.

Thank you so much Mehmet for this awesome testimonial.  Connex is so blessed to have such a stellar athlete such as yourself part of our community! Your dedication to your own physical growth as well as the support you give others is so admirable and appreciated by all.

Keep up all the good work!


100 Double Unders
3 rounds
20 1 arm OHS (55/36)
10 Burpee pull ups

Rest 3 min

50 thrusters (75/55)
* 3 Burpees every time your bar goes back to the floor