Rest Day Thursday, October 3

This weekend is the long awaited Granite Games competition in St. Cloud, MN. We have athletes from Connex competing in the team, RX, and scaled divisions. These athletes have spent many months preparing for this weekend. Extra strength workouts, skill work and two a days are just some of the things these athletes have been doing to get themselves ready for three days of competition. We are so excited to see these athletes put all their hard work to the test. We can not say how proud we are of all the time and effort they have put into becoming the best CFers they can be and we will be honored to rep-ing Connex with this strong group.

Good luck and kick some ass Dave R., Maria R., Justin C., Jodi C., Josh B., Connor N., Alec L., Jenna H., Laura L.

Tuesdays 6:30 pm class turned into an energy packed team WOD. The class was divided into 5 teams of three. Each athlete completed all three rounds of tuesdays WOD before the next athlete could begin. The amount of intensity and encouragement that was present was just awesome! The cheers and screams could have been heard all they way back at Badger. It was awesome to see a group of athletes step up to the challenge and help one another give their best performance.  Great work to all the athletes in tuesdays 6:30 pm class!