WOD Wednesday, September 4


This week marks two years of awesomeness for CrossFit Connex!  This milestone has given Kief and me a lot of time to reflect on just how blessed we are to be surrounded by such a strong, supportive, and dedicated community of athletes.  Through all of our love for CF we have grown into a tight-knit community of athletes who are proud to call CrossFit Connex their home and who would do anything to help Connex or one another.  Kief and I feel so fortunate to get to coach athlets who don’t give up, who inspire those around them, who arnt afraid of being pushed to their limits, and who have  allowed us to celebrate with then in their triumphs and excitement.  To work with a group of athletes that is this dedicated is every coach’s dream.

We would like to invite you guys all to our house on Saturday night for a BBQ!  Please bring a dish to pass and some drinks to sip on.    We can’t wait to celebrate with you all and cheers to two great years and many more to come!  Address details will be on white wash board at the box.   Also if you guys could just write your name by the address so we have an idea of how many folks to expect, that would be awesome!!  Thanks guys!  Cant wait!

A couple of house keeping issues:
– We have heard that our friendly fitness neighbors across the way have been saying some lovely things to Connex athletes. If this happens again please let us know right away so that we can submit a formal complaint to the landlord. No reason to let this continue!
– When putting rowers away please be sure to fold the computer screen down as well as release the handle. Keeping the handle the ready position is only going to wear the rowers out more quickly. Thanks!
– Lets be sure to keep all personal belongings that are not being used for your WOD in the front entrance.
–  Speed limit in the parking lot is 10 mph
– Today is your last chance to sing up for the fantasy football league. Anyone who is still interested please email Ryan M at ryanmcanearney@gmail.com. The draft will take place today at 8:15.
– Only a couple days left to get signed up for the whole life challenge! You wont regret it!


Every 2 min for 20 min
7 front squats (135/95)
6 push press/push jerk
5 thruster
* make sure to record time of each round- you will report your fastest and slowest time