WOD Tuesday, September 3


We have 4 days till the Whole Life Challenge begins.  I want you all to ask yourself  whether or not you are getting the results you want from CF.  Are you hitting your goal times for WODs, are you able to lift more weight, are you PRing, are you able to push harder to get those unbroken sets?  If your answer is no, I want you to honestly ask yourself are you doing every thing possible to get those desired results.  Most often the missing link to those results is a lack of appropriate nutrition.


As this pyramid illustrates the base of fitness is nutrition.  No matter how hard you work, how dedicated you are to getting your WODs in, and how committed you are to doing the extra reps and work outside the box, if your nutrition is not dialed in, you are going to fall short of your athletic potential.  In 4 days begins the whole life challenge.  This challenge provides you an opportunity  to bring focus to your diet in a manageable, realistic,  community based, and fun way.  I encourage all of you to participate in this challenge.  It will only help to make your lifestyle that much healthier and you that much of a fitter CFer!  Lets get as many Connex athletes on our Whole Life Challenge team as we can.  The more we have participate the more successful we will be as individuals and as a group.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or comment below.  There are a couple Connexers who have participated in the Whole Life Challenge before, who are super exited participate in the challenge again, and  who I am sure would be happy to answer any questions.
This is the website address for those of who you are wanting to register: https://www.wholelifechallenge.com


3 rounds for time
10 chest to bar pull ups
10 front squats (165/115)
10 Burpees