WOD Tuesday, September 24


Save the Date: Saturday, November 16
Emily and Kief Tie the Knot: Part 2
This November, Emily and Kief are getting hitched. Let’s step up Connex and do what we do best…celebrate! The coaching duo will be getting married in Chicago the weekend prior, so let’s continue the party by having a prom-themed keg party the weekend following. (Rumor has it Em might put her wedding dress back on it!) The prom theme is definitely up to your interpretation…if you want to pull Jodi and pull out that vintage prom dress, go for it! Just note that the bride has requested multiple beer-based games (thoughts on beer olympics everyone?) so make sure you take that into account when you dress yourself.
– Olivia and Pat (The official CrossFit Connex party planners)


Clean Pull- 5 x 4 @ 100%
Jerk- 4×2 @ 80%

3 rounds
400 meter run
20 OH lunge steps in place (115/75)
50 double unders