WOD Monday, September 23


For those of you who were at the box on Saturday you all watched two incredibly strong athletes fight their way through a grueling WOD.  They may have finished last on Saturday as far as time goes, but they finished first in my book.   I wanted to use their WOD experience to commend them for the dedication and commitment to finishing that WOD the way they started.  As we cheered an athlete through his last couple rounds of HSPU we saw his body tell him “No” several times.  But, he stuck with it.  He did not scale back and he didn’t quit.  We watched as he answered back to that voice by digging deep and doing what his body was telling him was impossible.  When WODs get hard our first instinct is to make it easier.  Perhaps we do this by changing weights, walking on runs, or cutting the movement short of its standard.  In order to become a better athlete and a better CFer we need to no longer be afraid of failing!

The unique thing about CrossFit is that the only way to achieve excellence is through failure. There are going to be days that perhaps during the strength portion of our workouts you may fail at a set, or you go to complete a lift on a wod your body is just not ready to perform yet. If you have never failed at Connex- on  a lift, on a wod, on a skill- then you are not challenging yourself enough. There is no one in this community who will judge you for failing.  You must have faith in your fellow CFers that instead of judging you for failing, they will help you rally when things get hard, and what may have been a failed rep will soon be a distant memory.

Pushing yourself to fail is not easy.  Our bodies and minds are programed to turn off when things get hard.   We have conditioned ourselves to think that failing is bad and therefore don’t push ourselves in fear of failure. Take that fear away and see what you can accomplish.  You body is so much stronger then what your mind lets your believe.  Next time you want to put the bar down during a WOD fight for one, two, three more reps.  Demand that words spoken in your head are words of inspiration and belief instead of doubt.   When you body tell you no, find that extra bit instead that says yes.  Do not back down, or walk way when its gets hard.  Don’t’ cut corners. Step up to the challenge and know that every attempt is making you stronger, and that by reaching that point of failure will help you to become a stronger CFer!



2-Position Clean + Jerk 7 @ 80%

7 rounds
30 sec max reps power snatch (115/75)
30 sec max burpees
1 min rest

ALSO:  Heads up there is be a schedule change for Saturday, September 28.  Instead of the team WOD class being at 11:00 it will be at 9:00 am.