Rest Day Thursday, September 19

As the Connex community gets stronger we have begun programing more strength worth based off percentages for pre WODs, and a common theme we hear amongst the group is, “ugh…I have to do math!?”  Not any more!  Alison M has created Connex our very own lifting percentage chart!  Check it out below!

Using the Connex Olympic Lifting Percentages spreadsheet is much easier than figuring out what plates you need to use while setting up for a strength work. Simply add your one rep max into the green column and the percentages will be calculated for you. As you reach new PRs on your lifts, just update the 1RM column and the percentage columns will update accordingly.


Click on the image above {or this link} to save a copy of the Google spreadsheet + start adding in your one rep maxes for each lift. If you don’t have a Google account, click the green text to download an Excel spreadsheet version.


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