WOD Friday, September 13


As you all know, CF is constantly varied.  Everyday you come to the box you can expect to be challenged in a new way.  Eventhough every day is differnt, there are certain things you should always have with you when you come to Connex.  Here is a list of 7 must haves.

1.  Your WOD log-  this is something that every Connex member should have. Many of you already do as it is a requirement during OnRamp.  It is one thing to have a WOD log but it is another thing to use it.  Make sure this tool is being used on the daily.  Some of you are an old school type, like me, and have your WOD log in a paper notebook, or perhaps you are more of the tech savy individual and use your phone.  Whatever method you use, make sure your log is always with you at the box and that you are always recording your WOD times, weights, and any other helpful info.

2.  Mobility tools- have your own mobility tools with you.  That way if what is at the box is being used, you can still get some mobility work in before your wod.  Having your own will also hopefully encourage you to work some kinks out at home.

3.  Proper Shoes-  By joining CF you have made an investment in your health. Don’t fall short and leave your feet in some improper shoes.  There are tons of brands that have started creating shoes that are awesome for CF.  Also seriously consider some lifting shoes if you are wanting to take your OLY lifts to the next level.  Lifting shoes are specifically designed to help you get in better positions for the various OLY lifts.

4.  Double Under Rope-  You guys should all of your own rope, one that is set for your desired length.  No reason to be fussing around trying to find the perfect length rope every day you come into Connex.  Double unders are also a great warm up tool, and if you have a rope of your own perhaps you will practice some at home.

5.   Athletic tape- This tape is great for protecting your hands, covering wounds, taping wrists.  Don’t keep asking others for it, its cheap, go get your own.

6.  Shin Protection- If you are someone who has yet to master the sweep, stand go, and leave the box with bloody shins, make sure you have something to put on to help protect yourself as well as the bars.  These are also good to just have around if you want to practice rope climbs.

7.  Pre/Post Nutrition- Make sure that  you are fueling your body properly before and after your WOD.   What you need before your wod will vary from individual, but everyone should be properly fueled and hydrated before class. Before you leave the box  you should be sure to have taken your recovery nutrition. That half hour after you workout is the best time to digest your nutrition and have it positively impact your recovery. You put your body through a lot in just an hour, make sure you are taking care of it before and after your WOD so that it can perform well for your workout the next day.


10 hand stand push ups
15 Power Clean (175/120)
25 Box Jumps
50 Pull Ups
100 Wall Ball
200 Double Under
400 meter run