WOD Wednesday, August 14

We have a couple of competitions on the horizon that many Connex athletes will be participating in. Competing is awesome, and a great way to find the fire breather within that may currently be hiding. If not fittest farmland or granite games, we encourage everyone to give their hand at a CrossFit competition. When training and gearing up for a CrossFit Comp there are two very important things to keep in mind.
1) WOD like you are being judged every time you come into the box. Don’t be that athlete in the gym who completes their WOD to simply finish first. Be the athlete that cares about every rep so that on comp day you do not have to hear the dreaded words….”No Rep!” Remember that how you train/practice is how you will play. So if you complete your daily WODs without achieving movement standards, it is likely you will complete your comp WOD as such. Care about every rep.
2) Be sure to not cherry pick your WODs. We all have our weaknesses and we need to work on them or you are going to run into troubles on comp day.  Don’t be afraid to work on your goats.  In addition to hitting your WODs hard every time you WOD, ask yourself what areas of movements/tasks/skills do you need the most improvement? Whatever the answer, dedicate extra training time to those things! Take the attitude of “my weakness will become my strength.”  You will become unstoppable with that approach to your training.
3) Dont forget the importance nutrition and sleep play during your training weeks/months, and especially in those days leading up to your comp. This can play a HUGE role in how your body responds to the training as well as the stress of comp day. We can not control what the workouts will be, but we can control how we prepare our body to deal with those workouts. Nutrition and sleep are key elements in reaching your potential as an athlete.


1 minute on, 1 minute off
Deadlift (315/205)

Chest to bar pull up
* 3 front squats between sets (185/125)