WOD Friday, August 9

Signs and symptoms

I want to talk to you guys about injuries or simply those nagging aches and pains that can occur when we are committed to a training program. There are a couple of steps you as athletes need to start taking to make sure that you are taking care of your bodies and being able to get back to your regular training program as quickly as possible.

1) if something is bothering you talk to your coach. Let them know what movements are not feeling so hot. If your coach doesn’t know then they cant help you!

2) Do not wait till 30 seconds before the WOD is about to start to have this conversation. I put the WODs up on the blog the night before (for the most part) which gives you guys plenty of time to see if there is something in the WOD we may have to modify. There is no reason to wait till 3…2…1…go to let your coach know that you can not take your bar overhead. This is frustrating for several reasons.
A) it holds up the rest of the group that is ready to go and begin their WOD.
B) if we have to change up a movement we have not warmed you up for that specific movement.
C) it is not giving your coach the time to think of a substation that could help you to become a more well rounded CFer.
D) There also may be been things done in warm up that aggravated your injury that could have been avoided if you had spoken to a coach before class.

3) Take care of your self outside of the gym. This means taking fish oil, working on mobility, icing after WODs. Simply avoiding a movement that is bothering you is not enough to fix the problem. If you address the issue quickly and consistently then you will find yourself rehabbing and getting healthy much faster!

4) We bring in an awesome doctor into the gym about once a month to help you guys get healthy! If there is ANYTHING nagging you grab one of those appointments! Also if you are finding that a simple 20 minute apt helps but does not completely cure the issue, make yourself an apt during the week! Take care of yourself!

When you are a CF athlete you are not just working out. You need to view your fitness as training. You are all athletes training to be the best you you can be and when you train and when you push as hard as a CFer does, you need to start taking care of yourself. Listen to your body, talk to your coach, put the work in outside of the gym to get better and healthy.


WOD- Coach Kief’s B-day WOD!
4 rounds
400 meter run (in honor of the day)
80 double unders (in honor of the month)
300 meter row (and in honor of the age)