Rest Day Thursday, August 8

For those of you looking for another challenge, there is a group of Connex athletes who will be participating in the 8 week whole life challenge that begins September 7. This challenge is one that focuses on your entire lifestyle, encouraging healthy diet, exercise and even time spent working on mobility. The whole life challenge can be thought of more as a game, with competitors earning points for healthy eating and for workouts and mobility work completed every day. During the 8 week challenge participants will use the online database to track their score and progress. Winners of this challenge will have to succeed in three areas 1) Performance – Improve your work, improve your play 2) Body Transformation – Get lean & mean 3) Accountability – Play every day!
You can find more information on the whole life challenge at

We have 29 days until the whole life challenge begins….who is in?

Rest Day/ Make Up WOD/ PiYo @ 5:30