WOD Wednesday, July 31


Save the Date Connex: Our next Happy Hour WOD is on the calendar and scheduled for Friday, August 23 @ 6:00 pm.

We are taking it back old school for August.
Let’s go back to the days of bellbottoms or big hair,
Find some leg warmers, tie die, or big earrings to wear.

A happy hour to celebrate the best two decades yet,
This happy hour WOD is one you will definitely not forget!

The theme is 70s vs. 80s. Pick your decade and come ready to represent!

(After WOD happy hour bar TBA)

For those of you who have not participated in a Happy Hour WOD yet, this is how it goes. Every happy hour WOD as a theme. You must come dressed as the theme WOD in costume and then we will head to the bar following our workout!



We have had some requests for more rocken Connex apparel. I am planning on putting in another order by FRIDAY, AUGUST 2. This means that if you would like a Connex T shirt, tank, or hoodie you need to bring your money and order to the box by Friday. The only clothing that will be ordered is that that has already been paid for.

This is what I need you guys to do. Please put your money in an envelope. On that envelope write your name, what you want, how many you want, and the size.

Prices and links to some of the new gear are below

Hoodies- 45.00
Ladies Long sleeve- 35.00
tank tops- 20.00
T shirts- 20.00

this is a link the the long sleeve ladies that I would like to order. (color would be black)http://undergroundshirts.com/catalogs/product/bella-lightweight-relaxed-long-sleeve-dolman-tee

this is the link to the ladies t shirt (Color would be gray) 


12 min AMRAP
10 HR Push ups
20 Lunges with plate over head (45/25)