WOD Wednesday, July 10

If you are planning on joining us this Saturday for the Nutritional Challenge kick off meeting, here are some things that we want you to think about before you arrive.
1. What are your dietary goals and guidelines going to be for the next four weeks? What are you going to eliminate from your diet to help you live a healthier lifestyle?
2. What could you add to your diet to make your nutritional habits healthier?
3. What healthy habit can you add to your daily, weekly, monthly routine that will set you up for success on a daily basis. (for example: grocery shop on sundays, chop up my veggies when I get home from the store, pack my lunch during the week)
4. What is one CrossFit fitness goal you would like to accomplish by the end of the challenge.

We want you to think seriously about these four points. Come to meeting with your ideas written down so they are clear and you are clear on the commitment you want to make to yourself. Be honest and realistic with yourself as you set these goals. Remember this challenge is for you. We are allowing each individual to make this challenge their own. I am here, Kief is here and the entire group  who is stepping up to this challenge are here to help you achieve your own personal goals to becoming a healthier, fitter, stronger you!

Remember this meeting is going to be this Saturday around 12:00. We are going to get together after the Saturday team WOD class.  The challenge will kick off is on Monday!

The secret is out!  There is a kick ass group of athletes in the area!
The secret is out! There is a kick ass group of athletes in the area!

400 meter run
100 burpees
400 meter run