WOD Wednesday, June 26


Today is moving day!  Kief and I could not be more excited about the move and growth of Connex.  This move has given us a lot of time to reflect on how blessed we are to be apart of something as amazing as the Connex community.  Although we are eager and ready to move onto a bigger and better space, there is an element of leaving Badger Rd that is bitter sweet.  So many memories were made in this space, and to leave it behind is hard.  The Badger Road location will always bring back so many special memories to the both of us.  It was here where Connex became a community full of athletes who encourage and support one another, push to their physical limits, and are willing to lay it all out on the line every day.  So many friendships made, PRs set, and expectations of self far surpassed at Badger Rd.  We know that the new location is going to be an awesome move for Connex, but we will always look back at our time at Badger Road fondly, recognizing that it was here where Connex became what it is today!

Reminder:  Connex will be Closed Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week!  We will be excited to reopen for business on Monday July, 1.  Any and all help with the move is going to be much appreciated!

Pat 25JUN2013

12 min AMRAP
9 Burpee Box Jumps
12 Med Ball Cleans