WOD Monday, June 24

Who is ready for another Challenge!!!

With the start of summer we figured it would be a great time to kick off another challenge. It is easy for unhealthy habits to slowly sneak back into our daily nutritional practices, and it is challenges such as these that help us to focus in on what we need to be doing to properly fuel our bodies.   This challenge will be slightly different then ones we have hosted in the past.  We will still be basing winners off before and after measurements as well as WOD performance.  However, we are not calling this a Paleo Challenge because we will have some athletes who will be completing the Advocare 24 day challenge, and we also want to encourage our Vegan athletes to participate in a way that is healthy for them.  This challenge is focused on reestablishing healthy habits, clearing our systems of the sugar and junk food we have consumed in these early summer days, as well as give us motivation to step up our game at the box.  The challenge will begin July 15 and will end on August 3rd.  We will still be using our Connex Goes Paleo Page on Facebook to communicate to all challenge participants.

I encourage all Connex athletes to participate in this challenge.  Participation in this challenge may come in many different colors this time around, but this is for you and only you.   We will have an informational meeting on Saturday, July 13 following the 11:00 CF class.  The goal of this meeting is to touch base with all participants, answer paleo questions to those who are knew to the paloe lifestyle, help the advocare participants dial in their routine, do last minute measurements and WODs, and celebrate the commitment we are all about to make to living a healthier lifestyle.


“The Badger”
3 Rounds
30 squat cleans (95/65)
30 pull ups
800 meter run