WOD Friday June, 14


A quick lesson on some valuable CF vocabulary courtesy of the CF journal.

Uppercut: Taking a barbell to the chin during a thruster, press, push press of Jerk.

“Why is he bleeding/”
“Took an uppercut on the push press.”

Warm-up Warrior– An athlete who considers it essential to “win” the warm up.

“Warm up warrior just set a PR on the 400 meter warm up lap. He is vomiting outside.”

Water Works- A group of athletes most likely to need a pee break directly before the WOD.

“Are we really starting in a minute?”
“No, I just said that for the water works. You’ve actually got 3 minutes.”

Corner 30: Stopping as soon as you are around the corner and out of the coaches line of site.

“Your last lap time was terrible. Did you take a corner 30?”

Gazelle- To attempt a workout with little to no warm-up.

“You need a few minutes?”
“Nah. I’ll just get my shoes on and gazelle this thing.”

Make-up reps- the reps you tack on to the end of a WOD after you feel guilty for few sketchy ones you shouldn’t have counted during the workout.

” What was your Helen time?”
“it was 9:58, and then 5 extra pull ups”.”
“So 10:15?”
“I…guess so.”

Plan B- Everything that happens after your strategy to “just go unbroken” fails miserably.

“Dude. It’s time for Plan B. Just put the KB down for a minute before you puke again.”

Juggernaut- An athlete who utterly obliterates the best score on the whiteboard by more then 2 minutes or more then 50lbs.

“The best clean of the day is 245?”
“Except for juggernaut who cam in and put up 315 without a warm up.”

Rain Man- An athlete who displays impressive memory and math skills even deep in a conditioning workout.

“What the hell round are we in?”
“We are in Round 12, and if you maintain your current pace, you will finish at 35:43, give or take 10 seconds.”
“Thanks, Rain Man.”

Shifty- Looking at someones C2 monitor either surreptitiously or blatantly.

“Why did you slow down at the end?”
“I pulled a shifty and knew I was ahead.”

Anti Kip- An affliction in which pull ups or ring dips actually require more strength when a mistimed kip is added to the movement.

“Whoa, back off for a sec. You’ve got anti-kip. You might as well just do them strict till we sort this out.”

Taking it as it comes- To have no plan for a workout.

“Whats your strategy?”
“I’m just taking it as it comes?”
“Good luck with that.”

Threat analysis: Only cheering for athletes who have no chance of beating you.

“Why don’t you cheer for ken?”
“Threat analysis reveals he might beat my time. Go Carl!”


21 deadlifts (135/95)
50 air squats
21 push jerk (135/95)
15 deadlifts
50 air squats
15 push jerk
9 deadlifts
50 air squats
9 push jerk