WOD Tuesday, May 14

One of the things that makes Connex such an incredible place to be a part of is that no one is ever alone when finishing up a workout. Keif and I have visited countless boxes where individuals are fighting for those last couple reps in silence, while their “community” is packing up, sitting in silence, or worse have left. At these types of boxes you see the athletes who have called time often acting dis-interested, checking emails or Facebook. We understand, there are days that someone might be on a tight schedule and have to jet quickly after their WOD, but that is not the norm around here and that is what makes Connex such a strong community. What we love to see is that when Connex athletes finish their workout they recognize and acknowledge that their friend and partner across the way has not. Connex is a box full of athletes who believe their WOD is not done till ALL the WODs in the room are done. We are a friends, a crew, a family and we recognize that we could all use the extra help. We all go through that dark place during our WODs and those long lasting cheers and support are what get us all through till the end. The way in which Connex athletes help that final person finish their WOD in an environment full of cheers and encouragement is what helps that final athlete to pick the weight back up. It focuses their energy back to the job that needs to be done. It drives them forward, when they believe forward can not be reached.

Connex demonstrates what the CrossFit Community is all about, staying in the gym and staying focused on every athlete until the entire battle of that WOD has come to a close. Every athlete, newbie, veteran, fire breather, coach, will be pushed by their neighbor when they are at Connex.

So cheer on! Be proud you are part of a CF community that truly understands what it means to be a CFer!

Also, we just wanted to say thanks so much for all of you who came out for Happy Hour WOD! Another great night of Connex FUN!


10 min OMEM
3 Front Squats (155/115)
then with remaining time
sit ups

5 rounds
15 thursters (95/65)
15 lateral burpee bar hops