WOD Friday, May 17


During every WOD you must decide if you are going to dip deep, embrace the suck, feed the beast, or give up and listen to that voice.  Every WOD will present you with opportunities to let go of your effort because your muscles are screaming at you to stop.  When you hear that voice do you listen or do you push for that last rep, do you figure the best I can do is try!  Every WOD is an opportunity to test just how far you can go.  To challenge yourself and see just how many more reps you can give past the point when you thought it was impossible.  Every WOD you should challenge yourself to be the athlete who pushes to failure, the one who pushes past the hurt and discomfort, and to the point that so many are afraid to go!  The drive and desire that you use to push past that red line is what is going to make you a fitter, faster, and stronger you tomorrow.


5×3 Heavy Sumo deadlift high pull
between sets max set of pulls

push ups
air squats
sit ups
pull ups