WOD Wednesday, May 1st

The future of CrossFit Connex!
The future of CrossFit Connex!

A big thanks to Coach April for covering the gym and doing such an awesome job of keeping the Connex Athletes at the top of their game while Kief and Em were gone!

Don’t forget that today Dr. Schupp will be visiting Connex to take a look at those nagging aches and pains.  If you signed up for a slot, please be sure to make it, or let us know if something changes and you can not make it in.  This is a great opportunity and we are so happy that you guys are taking advantage of it!


Max effort Handstand hold (Em needs to send out a big apology on this one! She lost her phone this weekend while in Chicago. The worst part of loosing her phone is that it has scores for the pre handstand holds. So sorry guys! She will be better about backing this information up for the May challenge.)

May Challenge- Toes to Bar!
3 min max toes to bar effort

Death by ten meters

Be careful on this one AJ 😉