WOD Tuesday, April 9



“Some days, you’re the top dog; some days you’re the hydrant”.

-Coach Mike Burgner

There are days I feel like a “hydrant” because the WOD I am doing does not have one skill I consider to be in my wheel house. Or maybe my performance on a WOD I thought I was going to crush was just not there that day. We all have days at the box where we feel AWESOME and then days where we feel like nothing is going our way. On those “hydrant” days, it is easy to beat yourself up and feel like a looser at CF. Your self talk might include questions like “why do I suck?” “What am I doing wrong?” “Why am I not getting better?” Recognize those days as a hydrant day and CALM DOWN! Recognize the fact that you are doing your best, it is just one day, and that you are not alone in your CF journey.  You are progressing and you do not suck.  Stay focused on why you CF and be ready to be a top dog again tomorrow!
Front Squat (starting at least at 75% 1 rep max)
Back Squat
2 max rep sets at heaviest weight from FS sets

EMOM for 12 Min
4 hang power cleans
9 box jumps
13 air squats