WOD Monday, April 8


Aprils Happy Hour WOD is just around the Corner!  Be ready for a celebration this Friday (4/13).  Connex we have lots to celebrate this month.  Not only did we all survive and conquer the Open, but this month also celebrates baseball opening season, and is chalk full of B-days!  Aprils Happy Hour WOD is in honor of our newest legal bar attendee (Laura L.)  In honor of her 21st b-day, Laura has chosen our theme and bar.  Come to the box at 6:00 pm on Friday, April 13 in your favorite baseball teams apparel.  We will WOD together and then head to Essen Haus (514 E Wilson St).

Accumulate 5 min of handstand hold
Every time your come off the bar- max set dead hang pull up

10 Sumo DL HP (95/65 lb)
50 Double-Unders
20 Sumo DL Hp
50 Double-Unders
30 Sumo DL HP
50 Double-Unders