WOD Monday, April 15


So the open has come to a close.  We had a small group from Connex that participated in the open, and although our group was small, the lessons learned were BIG! Here are some thoughts from some of our games competitors after their first year participating in a the world wide CrossFit Open.

Yulia– “The open motivated me to push myself, to try higher weights and work
harder. Without the open, I would not have yet completed my first
toes to bar. I had several PRs. I especially enjoyed comparing how I
did on 12.4 to 13.3. It was nice to realize how much stronger and
fitter I am a year later.”

Justin G. – “Participating in the Open reinforced everything I know to be true about the Connex community. It provided another great opportunity for us to push and support each other to the highest degree.
My participation in the Open helped push me to another level, and success and a few PRs followed. I aim to tackle more WODs like open WODs; you don’t always know what you are capable of if you don’t try.”

Jeff- “As far as the open goes, it was nice to see what my relative strengths and weaknesses were. I thought 13.1 would be my worst workout but comparatively it wound up being my best. I was a lot more excited than I thought I would be every Wednesday night waiting for the announcement.”

Alison- I signed up for the Open because I wanted to have a solid benchmark for seeing my progress in the next year (and beyond.) I knew I wouldn’t make it to regionals, or be the top athlete at the gym, but that wasn’t what I wanted out of it. What I didn’t expect was getting a new PR for every single lift in the 5 WODs. Each workout posted had a weight that I couldn’t imagine lifting, but somehow managed to. That’s right, 10# added to my normal snatch weight for workouts, 20# PR on my push jerk, 90 seconds off of my Karen time, 15# to my squat clean 1 rep max and 10# added to my normal thruster workout weight. I may have bragged about more than one of those.
The other thing that I didn’t expect from this was an increase in pride of belonging to Connex. Each workout was met with more support and encouragement than the one before. I honestly can’t tell you how badass I felt when the entire gym (including athletes trying to get their Open score) cheered for me when I successfully cleaned 95 pounds. The CrossFit Games Open took everything I love about CrossFit and CrossFit Connex and increased it by ten-fold. Is it time for 14.1 yet? 😉

Olivia B.– I had no intention of competing in the CrossFit open. When Emily originally posted about it, I clicked on the link, got a little confused by all the information, saw the $20 registration fee, and said forget it. I absolutely love CrossFit, and I consider myself dedicated to the sport, but hell no was I going to be at all competitive. The open is for those serious CrossFit athletes, those kick ass, rock solid individuals who do three workouts in a row (eh-hem, Kevin…) or those people who have every movement in their wheelhouse (hey there Alex Snow, Mr. Muscle Up Within Three Months). But then, Em and Keif (oh and also Justin G!) encouraged me to give it a shot. Granted this little pep talk took place one Saturday night when I was a few beers (and RumChata shots) in, but I thought, Why the hell not?! And boy oh boy am I glad I did. The five weeks of the open have been, to date, my favorite memories of CrossFit. Wanna know what I did? I snatched 75 pounds. I did multiple toes to bar (and beforehand, I always did knees to elbow). I jerked 95 pounds (this one I’m exceptionally proud of). So sure, I didn’t place to be nearly competitive, but I tested myself and pushed myself to throw around weight I would never dream of loading up.
But even more than that, I truly sensed the “CrossFit community”. Every Friday, it was a ritual — getting to work super early so that I could leave by 3:30 to make the 4 p.m. workout and complete the open. I would sit at all work, so excited but also beyond nervous — how the hell am I going to push press 75 pounds…over and over again?! But then I’d get to the gym, and there would be Justin G., all pumped up and telling me that I “got this”. And Lindy, “Ain’t no thing!” Oh and Allison! Talk about one encouraging athlete! That girl has got your back no matter what. I was surrounded by encouragement each and every time I started an open workout. So there. THAT’S what the open is about — it’s not about trying to competitive with Annie Icelandic Lady or even place in your region. It’s about showing up, supporting your community, and hey! Maybe you’ll get a PR! Until next yea

Great work to all of our Open athletes!  You all did an outstanding job.  And thank you to those above for sharing your thoughts on the open.

Baseball Happy Hour WOD
Baseball Happy Hour WOD

4 Rounds
3 Thrusters- Heaviest weight you can handle, but still string sets of three together
4 sets max rep HSPU
1 min plank hold
* keep rest to :30-1:00 min btw exercises

WOD- “Black Jack”
Push Up
Sit up